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The Printer
[in process]

based on true stories of people

the telling of childhood traumas conveyed through the telling of a ghost

About a few months ago, in a therapy session, we were talking about ghosts, my therapist asked me why you are still so afraid of ghosts as adult? What are you afraid of? I don’t know the answer and what I can think of is a memory of a night when I was 7-8 years old and I stayed home alone while my mother and father went out for something. My house was an old three-storey house and I was too afraid to go upstairs or downstairs, only daring to stay alone in a room on the first floor, staring deadpan at every corner and controlling everything around me. I was hiding under my desk when suddenly the old printer just went on and at that second I lost control of everything, as if a ghost had broken into my room and was dancing in front of me, scaring me. Then I was saying like, I would like to make an immersive installation where the audience could actually feel the ghost in front of me in my place, it was really scary, even though in my parents' eyes it was just a small child suddenly frightened by an old-fashioned printer. Such a memory was sudden for me because I hardly remembered such a thing about me before the description. It wasn't until about three months ago that I happened to be talking to a classmate about a project they had done last semester on the topic of "parents” - a project related to a toxic relationship, it reminded me of this memory again. I was talking, if it were me, I would like to do an immersive installation based on this childhood memory. But why, when talking about parents I could think of a memory for talking about the fear of the ghosts? I decided to dig deeper. I collected over 200 questionnaires, of which only about 150 were valid. 18 people were willing to conduct interviews to share further, and only three people ended up responding to the emails. In these two months of constant discussions with different people, while listening to similar and different stories, I actually did find the answer. And this process is reflected in the script with an auto-ethnographic approach. The work combines qualitative data and quantitative data, combining many people's stories with mine to form a play about discussing childhood trauma by discussing ghosts. Furthermore, gradually I seem to find that I am talking to a group of people who did not see themselves as being abused by their families, but who also did not see themselves as being fully accepted, and it was this group of people who were in the middle of being complete and being broken, struggling to keep growing a truly self. The overall performance will be a real actor interacting with the character in the holographic projection. This project is still in process and waiting for further testing to ensure that it does indeed bring about a subjective feeling that resonates with a certain group of people.

Auditory Demonstration

The performance will be a blend of live performance (leading character as "me") and recorded hologram performances. The sound will be in spatial audio, with speakers on multiple tracks creating sound sources from different locations. Click on the demo below to hear a preview.

ghost scare.jpg

Ghost Demo

The motion capture data is imported into a 3D model in C4D to render the ghost performance.

​Hologram Effect Demo

An attempt to place the ghost's performance in a small holographic projection model.

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